A magnificent e-thology of writing and artwork that was offered to PARAPHILIA by Vera Ulea:

“The Quantum Genre is an emerging type of fiction that Darin Bradley calls ‘little weird.’ Using his term, I would call QG ‘weird-weird.’ QG is not about the quantum topic but a ‘quantum’ way of representation of characters and the universe. The theme can be any, including the quantum one, but the technique should be unlike the one we observe in mainstream literature. Therefore, a traditional formulaic language of synopsis required by literary agents and commercial publishers doesn’t work for QG. The Quantum Work can’t be sold to them and it has no appeal to the mainstream reader just in the same way as Impressionism or Cubism had no appeal to the general viewer.”

QUANTUM GENRE IN THE PLANET OF ARTS was designed and edited by V Ulea and all queries regarding it and her proposed idea of Quantum Fiction, should be addressed directly to her: vera@ulita.net

More can be found at her website: http://www.v-ulea.net

Beer Mystic: A Novel of Inebriation & Light 

bart plantenga  

Furman Pivo believes he [plus beer] may be the cause of a rash of streetlight outages. This sense of empowerment transforms him into the Beer Mystic. He has a mission and a mandate. Or does he? In any case, 1987 NYC will never be the same and the rest is history or myth or delusion.

Beer Mystic Invitation: Participate in a unique literary adventure that will take you on the longest, rowdiest literary pub crawl ever. Follow the Beer Mystic's story around the world through a global network of host magazines [next excerpt at end of chapter / cover by David Sandlin].

Beer Mystic Excerpts #13-14: Sensitive Skin

Beer Mystic Excerpt #16: Shenandoah Breakdown 

bart plantenga is also the author of Wiggling Wishbone and Spermatagonia: The Isle of Man both published by Autonomedia. His book YODEL-AY-EE-OOOO: The Secret History of Yodeling Around the World received worldwide attention. He is currently [not] working on a new novel, Paris Sex Tete, which lies around like an apathetic, half-clad, dissheveled paramour while his new book on yodeling Yodel in HiFi, will no doubt be a bread-winner oepiglottal proportions.

His life has been defined by women, undignified employment [not unlike 98% of the rest of the world’s population], migration, lack of money and writing. His writing focuses on inequity, unempowerment, insatiable desire, the unentitled, the under-regarded, ignored and ineffable, which has led to a life of luxurious suffering and indellible indifference to profit. 

His radio show Wreck This Mess has been on the air since 1986, first on WFMU [NY], then Radio Libertaire [Paris], and finally Radio 100 and now Radio Patapoe [Amsterdam], the world’s most untamed and oldest pirate radio station. He lives in Amsterdam.