intothewoodsINTO THE WOODS

By Michelle Augello-Page
Escape into nine dark and erotic stories which explore sex and transformation written in dreams across the body, etched in the language of skin. Each story is interwoven with magic, music and art, as lost and damaged characters navigate their broken worlds, searching for wholeness and connection.

Many of the stories are sexually explicit, engaging the reader in aspects of kink, fetish, and BDSM. Some stories represent sexual trauma, abuse, negligence and cruelty. Other stories seek to express the esoteric and transcendent power of sex.

Into The Woods is a unique and beautifully crafted collection of stories rooted in the female, immersed in the physical and the spiritual, and steeped in the rich archetypal landscape of fairy tales and mythology.

With beautiful illustrations by the mysterious Alphonse Inoue.


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