Our most recent title by R C Edrington, Poppy Tinged Kiss


In the author’s words:

My companion book to Scarred Canvas, Poppy Tinged Kiss is almost 3 times the length of Scarred. Both should be read as 1 piece. Scarred begins with me tasting the death of friends at 18 & Poppy ends with me as a more mature, yet still fiery man looking back at one particular summer when things began to really change.

I can now let go of all those sribbles that saved me time & time again over the years. I’ve been told by the Publisher & the guy who made it all come together that Poppy is now available thru their site. However I asked the editor that I get a preview before “official release.” I was assured I would. My main concern was that my cover artist Coleen get her due credit outside or inside the book. That artwork has haunted me for over a year when I first began the title poem of Poppy.

Publisher: Oneiros Books, UK (where a large portion of my readers are. As always, the critics/reviewers dig my stuff. American readers, not so much. Most are too busy “inventing” poetry to actually live it or read about those who actually have… because as Ron Androla says, “Life is always saying ‘fuck you.’” Few people will say “fuck you” back.

– R C Edrington

What others say about it:

“Edrington is not trying to impress, not trying to fill the page with drug fueled drunken rambling, but uses his skill as a poet in first person narrative and the hard neck of a man that does not give a damn what you think of him personally, to draw you in to a world of shit and hell, tantalizing and in dramatic fashion, and be open in the most honest way that all poets should be.” – Stephen P Byrne (The Ranting Beast, Ireland)

“The poet as anti-hero has a long tradition in literature. To simplify a complex continuity, we can see attenuated connections between poets such as Rimbaud, O’ Hara, Bukowski and Edrington.” – Scott Malby (in Zinos Magazine)

“Honed silk smooth with absolutely no wasted material, everything is so skillfully written that these poems read themselves. Minimal punctuation, enjambment working overtime and metre is perfection. Sensational throughout, so all you need do is concentrate on the gritty word pictures.” – Steve Anderson (New Hope International)

“RC (Edrington) stretches out a hand, stops us in our tracks and takes us to places where we do not feel comfortable. In other words, there is real poetry in this collection. He is well beyond the accusation that he is only writing chopped up prose.” – Reach Magazine

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