BLOOD CRAZY - RACHEL S PLATTCan the drama of a teenage female serial killer from New Jersey be as shockingly entertaining as a Tom & Jerry animated cartoon? Blood Crazy delivers the answer. 

“Blood Crazy is like Charles Manson’s version of Lolita written on one long thrill kill B-movie road trip. An unforgettable pigtails-and chainsaws fever dream.”

—Richard Kadrey
Author of the Sandman Slim series

“The fact that no known modern-era female true-crime figure as matched the body count and homicidal creativity of Samantha is a damning indictment of the weakness of the human spirit, the inability of torture victims to maintain the Self-love necessary to reflect upon the world, the harm the world chooses to inflict upon them.”

—“Full Force” Frank
Author of Handy Hints for Messier Massacres.

“Black comedy, gallows humor, transgressive satire—call it what you will, Blood Crazy is all these. Rachel Platt has produced a novel that will upset a lot of people. As well it should. Not only does it depict torture, murder, and sado-masochistic sex, it also makes us think about them, whether with horror or secret relish.”

—Michael Dirda
Pultizer Prize-winning literary journalist and critic.

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