SPIDER’S NEST (paperback)

SPIDER'S_NEST_Sequen_Cover_for_KindleSPIDER’S NEST Sequential Art Catalog
a photopoetic cut-up
Authored by mpcAstro

mpcAstro is an artist who waxes oppoetic near the Gulf of Mexico’s teal-tongued waters lapping at the peninsular underside of Florida’s powdered sugar shores where he consummated his thirty-year opus interruptus of pent-up photopoetic cut-ups, SPIDER’S NEST Sequential Art Catalog.

This amplifiction’s tri-agonists, Illustra Kix, Amrita Amanita, and Dr. Mortsac, are loosely modeled on the author’s resonated 666-day passion role-play with the erstwhile Los Angeles-based dominatrices Ilsa Strix and Izabella Sol, before 2001, after which time the trinity dissolved like powdered sugar into The Gulf along with their pre[de]vious millennial identities.


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