SPIDER’S NEST / NIDUS PLEXUS (hardcover edition)

300dpi_0iCOVERTWO BOOKS, ONE ENGRAVED HARD COVER, 8⅞”-x-11⅜”: SPIDER’S NEST: a Sequential Art Catalog, a “photo cut-up” — photopoetic phantasmagoria — written and illustrated by oppoet mpcAstro. 92 four-color pages indexed by BOOK 2: NIDUS PLEXUS: a Metric Montage, 128 text-visual poem pages come “flash iambic novel” doubling as cross-referential catalog addendum.
“The thread of this operotica wends throughout the machinations of the Webstress Illustra von Kix conducting a power exchange, yin for yang, with the elsen Doctor Mortsac who so over amps their prison planet’s exoskeletal Nidus Plexus that it fazes amok acoustic shadows until the “mash sheen eerie” descends into a cascading tessellation of crumbling dungeons strung to the bend in time.
 ”Be he victor or victim, in the end their argument is all just a matter of semantics, I’m sure.”

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