Oneiros Books was created in 1996 out of frustration with the mediocrity that had overtaken the publishing industry and the apathy that had undermined the ‘underground press.’ Oneiros went into hibernation in 2002 due to financial problems, merged forces with Creation Books in 2005, and has now resurrected and affiliated with Paraphilia Magazine in 2012.

Forget pursuing a career in ‘literature.’ Join the future. Join technologies that free you. Join our cultural jihad on the moribund dinosaurs of industry and capital and help liberate creativity, expression and communication. 

The grotesque, the surreal, the dreamlike, the elusive, the esoteric and erotic, intimations of slippage between the worlds of reality and anathema, between the living and the knowledgeable dead. Love and lust without bounds. Posthuman porn. The possible in vicious spite of the given. 

(NB 28/07/2013 – due to the unexpectedly high interest in our project and the amount of high quality material we have received and taken on board, we have had to call a halt to unsolicited submissions for a few months, to allow us to catch up with the backlog and to concentrate our energies into promoting the books we have already put out. Thank you. Please bear with us. Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible.)