By Claudia Bellocq

“The collection of writings in this book served as exorcism of sorts. Begun in the middle of 2007 in the middle of a turbulent relationship in the middle of a re-birthing, in the middle of Manchester, England, the pieces came through me as if I were simply the vessel. They are in the main, an autobiographical indicator as to the path of my life. Once they were written, it was as if I lay spent, unable to bring forth any more stories. I felt like a mother staring at her bloody baby in the moments after birth; what was once inside me and so integral to me, now sat outside me kind of staring back at me with the same inquisitiveness with which I, in turn, looked upon it. It was not a pretty baby, but it was a baby full of character. Isnt that what they say about curious people, places and things, that they are full of “character”? I hope you see the dark, light and shadow in them that is in all of us and in everything. Duality creates segregation and breeds fear. Unity breeds community. I’ll strive for that goal any day.

ISBN: 9781291165289

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