front coverThe Hell In Me, The Hell In You

Craig Podmore

“UK born writer, photographer and filmmaker, Craig Podmore, brings us another 131 pounds of flesh in his new and gravel-rash-raw collection of poetry The Hell in Me, the Hell in You. A textual viewpoint of a nightmarish pop-culture of the future; a snuff television addled society and dirty cum-faced blow jobs, Craig invites De Sade to the table and serves him with blood and champagne. Its bleak, unrelenting and it will most likely piss a lot of people off, like all good literature with intent and purpose, it proposes a dark viewpoint of reality that is hard to argue against or ignore.The poems are short, punchy and without dull prose or unnecessary lines. Some things are just a soft tap, a quick squizz over and it’s done, put the book down and walk away. Craig’s work in this collection is as much a punch in the face to read,as it would have been to write and to live. Solid and meaty, this book burns spot fires exactly where they should be lit; in your guts.”

Ben John Smith

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