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‘Dada Hue, dada Tza…surreal grandeur from every corner of Europe’s sunken wens. Dark and absurd fiction that penetrates the subcutaneous fat of our psychosphere – writing that curves and bends the branches of the Pluplusch. Welcome to dada bourgeoisie, honoured poets and fictionists, who are always writing with words but never writing the word itself….’
Feat: Joe Ambrose, Rhys Hughes, Neil Williamson, Seb Doubinsky, Krsysztof Dabrowski, Claude Pélieu, Achilleas Kyriakidis, John McNee, Lee Kwo, Mike Jansen, Mary Beach, Charles Plymell, William Burroughs, Love Kolle, Mike Kazepis, Raf De Bie, Gio Clairval, Gabino Iglasias, Gerard Malanga, Ole Wesenberg Nielsen, Michael Faun, Michael McAloran, Adam Millard, Terence-Jaiden David Wray, Andrew Coulthard,S.Clay Wilson, Wallace Berman, Scott Coubrough, Konstantine Paradias, George Cotronis, Ginger Eades, Brion Gysin, Gerard Malanga, Ralph.W.Ackerman, Charlotte Baker, Rob Harris, Preston Grassman, Darren Rae and Joel Hubaut
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