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On this page you will see news, views and reviews along with the occasional rant from the various vagabonds and rogues manning this vessel.

For our first post we are pleased to announce our most recent publication Kripple Killer Konspiracy by the brilliant Ian Pyper. An attack using primitivist ‘art-brut’ drawings, on the current policies of the UK Conservative government regarding the Health Service, the Benefit System and the fascist body called ATOS.

In Ian’s own words: “Alleged ‘Austerity’ has given rise to the unprecedented rise in scapegoating of the most vulnerable members of society…….the poor, the sick and demonized disabled, the homeless and the unemployed……’ lazy non-striver scroungers’, ’skivers’ and ‘malingerers’……. ‘economically unproductive: a drain on the state‘………‘disability does not exist – only an individual personal failure’…….hitting those hardest that have the least chance of arguing their case or fighting back…….punishment and prejudice………..the privileged Bully-Boy Big Brother, ‘Big Society’ right has never had it so good!

The disabled ‘assessed,’ adjudicated and refused appeal in non medical ‘medical interviews in the death-walk process of being tested to the measure of 20 yards (the new Paralympics Olympic ‘game‘……or so it seems!)…….the tool of government in the form of ATOS deliberately charged with the task of cutting millions of seriously and terminally ill and disabled people ‘free’ from the lifeline of welfare. The medical profession often perpetrating and colluding in the ideological justification of finding one and all ‘Fit For Work.’ It’s no coincidence that there are currently no less than 12 doctors up before the British Medical Association charged with malpractice in relation to their ATOS activities.”

(from the introduction)

Kripple Killer Konspiracy can be purchased here: http://www.paraphiliamagazine.com/oneirosbooks/kripple-killer-konspiracy

And if you like this book, be sure to check out Ian’s ‘colouring book’ Bugs of the Future Primitive, which can be purchased here: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Bugs-Future-Primitive-Ian-Pyper/dp/1938349113



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