By A.D. Hitchin

Drawing © Dolorosa De La Cruz

Chimera: Exogenesis

Heavenly rotating beads originally formed extraterrestrially, nearby a non-vibrating planet. The exogenesis device related to stimulation of the vagina and/or anus.

There are outer solar system volatiles which resemble a penis. Comets long encrusted outer layers of dark material, designed for penetration.

A tar-like substance composed of complex organic materials formed from the double penetration reactions of an initiated female. Allows prebiotic anus processes, motor-driven over successive generations.

Chimera: Biogenesis

Biogenesis (/ˌeɪbaɪ.ɵˈdʒɛnɨsɪs/ ay-by-oh-jen-ə-siss): amino acids synthesized stock for immediate dispatch.

Metabolism toys focus catalysis in chemical systems.

Give yourself the early Earth ultimate stimulation treatment provided with 10-speed precursor molecules pulsating self-replication.

A belief escalating pleasure toy.

An ongoing super-shiny, smooth spontaneous generation of ultra-powerful sensational satisfaction.

300 powerful Greek Classical strokes per minute!

A non-stop thrust action Aristotle.

DolorosaChimera: Africa

There is no one individual H. portable dildo machine sapiens.

The second interglacial period Middle Pleistocene adventure began around 250,000 years ago with the elaboration of the portable sex stone tool machine.

Evidence suggests there was a migration of highly orgasmic H. erectus out of Africa. This migration and touch origin theory is usually referred to as the ‘thrusting-motion single origin satisfying Africa with each stroke theory.’

The octagon-shaped weighted base made it ‘migrant easy’ with more new positions than existing Homo populations. Featuring clitoral, g-spot and prostate stimulation roller with attachments versatile enough to prevent cataclysmic population bottlenecks.

Chimera: H. floresiensis

Cock and ball H. floresiensis is indeed a separate species of dildo.

Features suction H. floresiensis modern H. base for hot sapiens with pathological and steamy hands-free dwarfism.

Hypothesis sessions:

On Flores, dildo machines were operated by skeleton pygmies. The anatomical features of these amazing machines were powered by the thrusting of the hobbit-like humans.

Chimera: Adjustable Archaic

Evolution became twisting bead optimisation in the shaft.

Shaped vibrating stimulator evolution strategies flick your clit to solve complex engineering problems. Genetic algorithms delicious sensation. Controlled by the remote writing of John from Holland.

Recent DNA evidence suggests several haplotypes fit, while the Neanderthal origin solid shaft is perfect for female wearers.

Neanderthals and other hominids, such as Denisova hominin have contributed up to 66% to the genome strap on.

A penis extender anatomically evolved from archaic adjustable thick Middle Paleolithic; with behaviour modernity controls and a free set of symbolic culture.

Chimera: Homologous

The nympho finger vibrator biological mechanism, ideal for species individual organisms looking for super DNA and sexual stimulation.

The protein soft finger vibrator originated from one universal common ancestor approximately 3.8 billion years ago. Repeated multi-speed clitoral, vaginal speciation and nipple stimulator.

Clitoral divergence can be inferred from biochemical realism morphological traits into fantastic shared dildo DNA sequences.

This homologous vibrator includes a flexible head and widening base for maximum stimulation.

A whisper of new wave biodiversity with adapted self-replicating lubricant.

Can be used to reconstruct evolutionary histories and for taking a dip!

Chimera: The Tree

Jojoba relaxes the anal muscles of our last common ancestor making current penetration more comfortable and enjoyable according to scientific consensus.

In the beginning, all beginners were alike.

All organisms are areas of tension descended from a common vaginal ancestral gene pool.

The Smart Wand series of speciation is long enough to survive extinction events.

Operated using a single press Third vestigial traits + button allowing you to cycle through ancestral traits classifying each using the similarities option.

With brand new gene transfer, this ‘SenseTouch’ technology invites you to kiss the ‘tree of life,’ implanting its branches…


A.D. Hitchin

Dolorosa De La Cruz

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