By Danny Baker

Incapacitated skill may be a temporary fracture or simply
speaking its mind without admitting so much in absence
of deep byline clouding the whole story. Virtuous attempts
at reparations are met with immoral condemnations by the
voice that counts failure as bully pulpit. I’ve a pain in the
belly which won’t quit. Medicating out of situational
awareness is putting me to sleep but can’t quite break the
cycle of apocalyptic anecdotal interjection into optimistic
countenance that loses face upon discovery or final
awakening which is apparently only a journey or that’s
what they say to keep us in line when the phoenix is
otherwise occupied. Non-aggression pact between bland
narrative and rich impression is on the verge of signing on
the highlights but still has some wrinkles to iron out.
Elusive gist is getting in the way of the synopsis though
won’t give in to demands of hijacked success. Putting a
dollop of pesticide on malignant growth atop benign
tumors to achieve unabashed pride which is equivocating
on the epistemology of shame. Making it on a wing and a
dare from mother superior who should know better than
to drop the hammer or issue a challenge is struggling up
the little engine that could type hill and still doesn’t know
if it can. Trudging along in fortunate misfortune can’t
declare a winner and the belt is whipped out for cut down
the middle ground that can’t find a midpoint on the arc
from parabola to grave. Anything but seamless transition
is hemmed into serrated schemes that look nothing like the
perfect mannequin display which is checkering at critical
juncture. Unavailable subject matter is sought after
employee that can’t be distracted by outside influences
however drought obliges tackling the job with heavy test
line. Snap judgments are pressing into organic shallots
despite pleas for additional preparative allowances. Day is
coming unless I will it not to in which case I’ll be staying in
for the foreseeable future. Citing multiple sources in the
footnotes are captions which may as well be primordial
fossils. Crystalized outbursts are shattering the linoleum.
Floored by recent acceleration of the process is throwing
question marks at reliable sources which are typically
parties of one- exclusive of indiscernible riled chipping
cicadas which extinguish smoking guns before I can find
the pedestal upon which they preach- negating purpose of
the din- perhaps precisely the point of their mockery or
cautionary tales- potentially portentous warnings-
whichever the case may be. Third party accounting
of conditions from first person perspective on the look-out
for another county heard from. Hopefully it won’t be LA.
Love affair with redundancy has its limits.


From Death In The Key Of Life# soon to be published by Oneiros Books


Danny Baker

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