By Dr. Reginald Paine

Edited By Michael Roth

Note on the manuscript

This work is a home-study book for vivisection written by my great uncle. I discovered it amongst a box of surgical tools in storage at my aunt’s home. The manuscript itself is in very bad condition. In addition to staining and water damage, it appears that the work had been attacked with a knife; pages are either slashed or have puncture marks. As a result, many sections are very difficult to read or are missing altogether. I have done my best to reconstruct the manuscript and have noted missing or illegible text in brackets. Here is a small selection from that work. – Michael Roth, ed.


My journeys in life have provided me with an inspired sense of death, a truly wonderful experience I have granted to many in my lifetime. I advocate euthanasia, assassination, murder and that most personal of statements, suicide. I practice surgery and torture. My years in vivisection have led me away from misanthropy towards a greater understanding of humanity. My close examinations of people [manuscript torn] . . . truly individual nature of our existence.  [manuscript torn] . . . who we are and what we do are intertwined. As in life, so in death. I believe death has becoming a mechanical process with impersonal faceless mass slaughter becoming more common. [illegible] an obscene spectacle for the public. Death has lost its personal touch. Genocide and death camps are products of the bureaucrat’s mind. Boring and predictable, [illegible] the operating theatre, a butcher’s shop. I’m an artist [illegible] I believe one’s death is as individual and personal as one’s life.

I began to write home-study textbooks on vivisection. Writing and vivisection are both creative mediums for me. My pen resembles a razor blade, scratching symbols into the paper, like the blade marks the skin. I want the pages of my books to bleed. Each stroke of each letter an incision getting larger with every word and sentence, producing an uncontrollable bleeding wound which will splatter and soak the reader. [illegible]  I take the same approach to the body. I carve the flesh, out of which a new understanding emerges. I am an artist. My tool is the razor blade. My medium is flesh.

[Page missing]

A colleague of mine, Dr. Rubin, conducted an experiment where a baboon and a human were strangled and the death struggle observed and compared. He found that the baboon would fight for its life, even in the face of inevitable death, much more strongly than the human. He concluded that life and death were meaningless to mankind. [illegible]  I see corpses leave my operating table everyday. [manuscript torn and missing] . . . the culmination of the human struggle – something I’ve come to respect.

I now view vivisection as an exploration of life and death. I deplore those technocrats who focus solely on the mechanics of the body, who are afraid to accept personal death and advocate impersonal death (and mass slaughter), who taint their practices with the pursuit of money.

 . . . [paragraph illegible]

I now strive to put the humanity back into vivisection. As a professional, one must develop one’s own style regarding dissection and death. However, these notes should hopefully provide novices with the background to help them on their way.

Some preliminary observations concerning the profession

I would like to begin my treatise with some [illegible] and observations, before I get into specifics later in the text. Professionals and youth today share a maddening trait of disliking detailed discussions. [manuscript torn] . . . of a mongoloid. So I shall proceed, in the style of Nietzsche . . .  [rest of paragraph illegible]

Every dissection begins with a single cut.

The search for Truth sometimes yields nothing. Are you sure you are not wasting your time?

Some modern surgeons prefer to use anesthesia; I do not. Once you become accustomed to the screams, [illegible] focus on the task at hand.

A dull knife produces a corpse.

Move up the medical hierarchy slowly and cautiously. A quick ascension creates suspicion amongst one’s colleagues. There is nothing more dangerous than an academic who believes that a colleague is more successful than he is.

Study the techniques of Jack the Ripper.

Open your clinic close to a crematorium or a butcher shop. It will make it easier to dispose of a patient who dies in your care.

Taxidermy skills can come in handy.

Fatigue is an enemy of the skilled surgeon. Use amphetamines and cocaine to steady the hands and mind. Use morphine or heroin to bring you down.

You get a new perspective on life when you ejaculate blood instead of semen.

Do not delude yourself into believing you have accomplished anything of value in your life.

You will leave no legacy. No one will remember you or miss you when your body is thrown away [illegible] bin.

[Sentence illegible] … got nothing at all.

I wrote this book originally to benefit humanity. But I now ask, why? [manuscript torn] . . . hardly worth the effort. In time, all of you, dear readers, [illegible] meaningless. [illegible] as the moment of death [illegible] look back at one’s [illegible] the charade that it was. [manuscript torn] . . . I had always planned to commit suicide. Goodbye and good riddance.

On the facial landscape with comments concerning the face and interactions within pseudo-simian cultures.

Our faces are constant reminders of our simian heritage. It’s embarrassing [illegible] this animal past. [Section illegible] . . . The practice of facial surgery has become debased since cosmetic surgery became popular. The fact that the populace turns to it’s medical professionals for cosmetic surgeries solely to satisfy their narcissistic distress proves that we have collectively lost our soul. [Illegible] . . . society not worth living in. Any scoundrel or con artist can pick up a scalpel, make some cuts, stretch some skin and stitch it all back together. It really does not take any skill to do this. (I, in fact, could perform said surgery in my first year of medical school.)  All to make a lot of money [illegible] to stretch skin because someone can put forward the money to make it so. And there is no shortage of vivisectionists willing to feed on this gravy train. Pride has disappeared from the medical profession, and it has been replaced by greed. Unfortunately, this secondary parasitic practice has tainted my attitude …

[Section missing]

The face is a mask behind which we hide our hatred, jealousy and arrogance. It’s [illegible] to veil our true selves. I entered vivisection years ago to cut away this mask, and to reveal the truth about the human experience. I have dissected thousands of faces to find nothing. I have skinned numerous faces to realize that only one layer of the mask was removed. It is for me a very ethereal part of the body – a stage to display our emotions, our age, our character as well as a mask to hide these qualities.

However, it is the part of the body that defines who we are to the rest of the world. This, [manuscript torn] . . . true but through socialization we now associate deformities of the facial landscape with depravity and perfect alignment of this landscape with good character. This has created a large cosmetic surgery market where people are remolded into aesthetically pleasing, and thus good, individuals. This search for a good face reached extremes when a Dr. Yarbrough grafted turtle skin onto the faces of his patients. He argued that since turtles had a long life span, their skin must possess some sort of energizing agent. In fact, for years one would see amphibian-skinned socialites around all the elite urban centers and golf clubs.

The human face is much more difficult to operate on than our simian cousins’. This is due primarily to aesthetic sensitivity rather than technical difficulties. One could not hack away at a human face as one could at an animal’s face, as the resulting permanent scarring would drive any human to suicide. Vanity, narcissism, self-centeredness, and egotism have all created body images that are nearly impossible to realize surgically. The human would hide in shame or be shunned by society. Either way, the person is condemned to isolation where the ape would continue to exist in its communal environment.

Case Studies

I. large black cancerous tumors appear over facial landscape – skin grey – face bloated – eyes weep, filled with yellow mucous – film of black pus covers tumors – as acute necrotising tumorous condition progresses, skin, fat, muscle tissue and even bone melt into black paste and fall from the face – face literally torn inside out – growth rate varies from two days to two hours – affliction can be fatal – most deaths occur from suicide – treat by cutting away all blackened tissue – no anaesthetic – resulting deformity can pose problems – prescribe lifetime supply of morphine – recommend to avoid human contact – follow up with further exploratory surgery if desired –

II. giant cell tumor of the mandible protrudes from mouth – constant dripping yellow saliva – speech only grunts – rectal bleeding sometimes associated with strained speech – gangrene of lips – gross facial mutilation follows unchecked rotting of muscle tissue – cysts cover neck and chin – strong halitosis – tongue withered and raw from constant contact with tumor – large curved cutting instruments can remove infected cheeks, gums, teeth – dissect face and deroof mouth – removal of mandible may be necessary – mucous glands may produce yellow-green viscous discharge from mouth for months following the operation –

III. bony structures – blood-stained fluid leaks from cysts surrounding bony structures – (the greater the pain, the sooner the patient starts to vomit) – strangulated muscle tissues – induced eclamptic fit – extreme convulsion – jaw locked open – skin tight over face – blotchy – ooze of purulent discharge – eyes yellow, glazed, bulging – removal of eyes necessary for cosmetic reasons – incision below hairline – hide hair beneath bulging forehead – lips thin, white – muscle imbalance may cause nostril to flair –

Malformation of blood vessels servicing the brain, head and face can not only contribute to some neurological conditions but can heighten hemorrhaging when trauma is introduced to the area. Increased intracranial pressure from swollen tissues, created by tears in small blood vessels around the midbrain and possibly into the hemispheres, can induce more serious hemorrhages.

XII. hemorrhage envelopes the brain – side of cranium cracks – face fills with blood, stretching the skin, deforming the facial landscape – blood pours from eyes, nose, ears and mouth – paralysis of extremities and vocal cords common – lungs slowly fill with blood and fluid – patient is always conscious and aware – treat by making incisions in skin where cranium is cracked – perform trepanation – cauterize source area and face with a blow torch – there is no other method for stopping the bleeding – if you miss the window of opportunity, call a janitor to clean up the mess and go to the bar – you will be more productive there than in the operating theatre –

XIII. sequestrum in the skull – dead bone shifting forward – falling out (unintentional trepanation) – dry dead hair in clumps – necrosis of skin of scalp and face – dead skin hangs in patches – torn away further from incessant scratching – hands eventually stapled behind back – fingers left scars across dying skin, bone – pus around nostrils – pus, blood cover exposed part of brain – black – jaw does not close – steady stream of drool further erodes skin on chin, lips – intensifies bacterial colonization – remove skin of head and face – chisel outer bone – reconstruct with drill press and power sander – vertebrae at back of neck abnormal ­– remove – replace with steel rod –

[Section missing]

XXV. drooping eyelid – pus oozing from nasolacrimal duct– eyeball vibrates horizontally – extremely quickly – indication of visual communication with invisible entities – confirmed by thick crust of mucous around left nostril – removal of tongue necessary – replaced with prosthetic made from bone shards – incision bisects nose – flesh pulled aside, stapled to cheeks – yellow mucous continues to bubble from nostrils –

I have a collection of faces I’ve removed. Thin, hard, brittle masks. I keep them for research purposes. It is interesting to note that these hollow masks still retain some of the characteristics, or personality, of the original owner. Yet there remains a distance separating the viewer from the mask; separating that connection between human and human. In some ways, this mirrors our relations with each other – human to human. [Manuscript torn]  . . . recognizable as members of the same species, [illegible] we can never understand. We believe but this is pure self-delusion.

On neural feedback loops; examination of consciousness in relation to dead flesh

There are a growing number of vivisectionists who specialize in internal information transmission. Many refer to themselves as psychiatrists or neurologists. This is merely a cynical ploy to gain acceptance among the unaware populace. Changing one’s job title does not change what one does. However, my expertise is with the knife, not electrodes. Consider this a brief introduction to this topic and I refer you to other esteemed colleagues for more detailed information. . . . [page torn]

Chronic dulling lifestyles centered around repetition create nerve entrapments. Spinal reflex arcs reveal exquisite tenderness – neurons burn out, fuse, to produce an automaton able to perform only simple tasks. Membranes of nerves and muscles bear upon future behavior [illegible] overall coordination of our posture and our movement. [Sentence illegible] . . . through these reflex arcs, a growing trust leads to surrender of the mind, interrupting the self-perpetuating cycles of excess mental turmoil. Treatment could include long-term microwave exposure or reprogramming with psychoactive drugs.

However, the use of pain is a simpler method to break locked reflex arcs. High threshold pain receptors, under normal conditions, are forced to contract during compression loading. Degenerative instability dominates the dysfunction phase – muscle spasms in the face signify nerve-root entrapment. Gross distortion of facial features can signify [illegible]. Temporary painful episodes should be the goal of treatment [manuscript torn] . . . (pain) leads to short-term neural overload. Following the pain treatment, the patient must be forced to resume activity to ebb the slide into automatism. Effective instruments for inducing pain are needles, scalpels, hammers, electrical shock equipment and blowtorches.

However, physical violence can be limited. Another technique I prefer is to confront patients with images of business executives staring at them. This induces trembling and sweating, at first, to uncontrolled panic and self-mutilation after repeated exposure. Nervous breakdown and suicide result after repeated long-term exposure. The end result is that the patient’s psyche, if not destroyed, becomes malleable and can be molded into any form.

[Paragraphs missing]

Case Studies

III.  head clawed – scarring – patient strapped down – alternately drooling, screaming – insane (doesn’t want to work) – cover head with metal jar – strike repeatedly with hammer – hours – implant electrodes into brain – reorganize proper responses – apply high voltages through metal straps embedded into patients eyes, genitals and knees – full body spasms – swollen tongue protruding dry – smell of burnt meat, excrement – body remains trembling minutes after charge applied – word/image association test performed – associations unreliable – obsession with money and masturbation evident – ready for assimilation into society –

As an aside, preliminary studies show that manipulating sensory input is potentially an extremely potent means of evoking new responses. Descending sensory pathways, with signals originating in the brain, distorting the incoming information, determines the response. For instance, tactile sensations of the skin, repeated in experiments with laboratory animals, alter the rate of urine production and pathological states of mind may also result. Soon we will have electrodes embedded at sensory input sites to “translate” incoming signals to the brain.

XI.  — Mr. Ax – degenerated neural net – brain would redirect (confuse) even simple actions – instead of shaking a hand, would piss his pants – instead of answering a phone, would punch closest object – Ax refused treatment – as neural net disintegrated, uncontrollable behavior created problems – career-wise – worked only at night – or from home – or from bed – slowly becoming a spasmodic lump of flesh – jerking, shaking, shitting, pissing, screeching – spastic hermit – found on bedroom floor one morning – brain melted down – black sludge oozing from every facial orifice – additional trauma to head caused by Ax’s dog – eyes and face partially devoured –

XII.  resolved:  the brain can breath on it’s own, if allowed – chisel to skull – pounding jerks head, cracking teeth – blood streams across face from punctured skin – edge of chisel digs into bone with each strike – blood continues to foam around hole in skull – immerse patient to tub of water, leaving trepanation point exposed – patient thrashes frantically – clawing at the air, sides of the tub – implore patient to relax and breath through new hole – body goes limp after one final spasm – why did the experiment fail? – the patient could not swim –

Options for the deformed penis explored; examination of the role of the penis in relationships of dominance and self-loathing

Operations on the penis are very difficult. This is due, in part, to the fact that doctors are trained on corpses. Dead muscle tissue has different properties than living tissue. Through my work on living human beings, I have become very accustomed to working with living muscle tissue, penile tissue being my first area of expertise. In fact, one of my practices was built on penile implants. I would insert stainless steel bars into the penis to give these men permanent 16” erections. So in my time I was able to observe many abnormalities and conditions.

Case Studies

I. severe malformation of the shaft of penis – the serum testosterone levels fall to castration levels – developing testicular stroma, generally occur secondarily to infection of prepuce – physical examination will help to determine the possible pathological aspects – and secondary effects of enlargement of the scrotum – lesions occur as bulky papillomatous growths of the glans penis – uncommon in the circumcised – acidic smegma collects under the foreskin creating irritation of skin and potential burning – manipulations of foreskin by hands serves to spread infection – elongation of foreskin upwards of 2’ can also occur with continued manipulation – blood leaks from the urethra, unable to be stopped unless cauterized – some fluid comes to lie in the scrotum – occurring every sixth day, torsion of the testes – associated with massive throbbing – the penis becomes extremely curved during erection – inflating the scrotum until fluid and pus leak from pores to relieve pressure – blood and semen ejaculate from urethra at tremendous force – removal of penis and testes is the only treatment solution –

I am a chronic masturbator. My masturbation occasionally upsets my patients. Because of their repressed natures, they just do not understand the masturbatory urge, whether it is during the interview, the operation or the post-operation celebration. It does not bother me, however, and I ignore any protests. Interestingly, most men with malformed penises are also chronic masturbators – they are both obsessed and repulsed by this deformed object between their legs.

II.  penis enclosed by scrotum – hairless, pink skin – pubic hair is thick and sharp as a wire brush – contact can produce scratches and cuts – skin of scrotum stretches with penis as erection begins – penis eventually emerges from scrotum – testicles shrink and become rock hard as erection progresses – shaft curves back into stomach – chaffing and irritation of shaft skin caused by chronic masturbation – blisters, never allowed to heal, become open sores seeping pus and blood – torn skin hangs – a single opening characteristic of adult fish – glans penis bulbous clubbed – vein filled white tumor – urethral muscles lose voluntary control – urethra dripping pus – sperm and semen are nonexistent – bulk of tumor and its metastases is great – enlargement requires treatment – bacterial colonization of the glans may cause severe ulceration – well-differentiated and cystic – prognosis variable – treatment is threefold: 1) ceramic cast covering penis to prevent contact; 2) cut the nerves to the penis to impede sensation transmission; 3) removal of penis

In both cases I suggested removal of penis. Deep psychological scars are produced in males with malformed penises – a variety of social forces and mythologies come into play and bear upon their psyches. I believe removal of the penis removes them from these forces – they are no longer men – sexless and genderless – or perhaps more accurately a new gender and sex. The object of psychological concern has been removed. However, many view this solution as extreme, arguing that the psychological scarring is intensified, not abated (it is better to have a malformed penis than none at all). Of course, this operation could not be done without concentrated mental reprogramming by electric shock therapy, extended white noise and electromagnetic bombardment, and psychoactive drugs.

[Pages missing]

XIII.   slice scrotum to insert centipede – insect burrows into testicles with mandibles – lays eggs within freshly hollowed cavity – centipede thrashes in death spasm – spraying inside of scrotum with poison – cauterizing the wounds – seven days later the eggs develop – little centipedes burrow through the testicles – activity produces involuntary orgasm – centipedes ejaculated out the urethra in semen – blood in the ejaculate is a sign of success – introduction of centipede into the anus proves easier, although the results are not as spectacular –

One last note:  these malformations of external genitalia are important pointers to other malformations and deformities elsewhere in the body.

 On the importance of rectal studies; including implications for eugenics

I have long thought about compiling a catalogue of rectal deformities. Our fascination with regular functioning anuses and the free movement of feces occupies a large part of our lives. Shitting, constipation, wiping, sitting on, fucking, touching and cleaning our anus forms an essential component of our daily routines. This has produced a physical, physiological and psychic affiliation to our asshole [illegible] … a social ideal, [illegible]. A deformed anus goes against our sense of nature. As with facial deformities, rectal deformities create an element of discomfort, if not revulsion and horror, in the average person. We feel unease right to our core, physically and psychically wanting to flee.

To examine the anus, the patient must be on his or her side, one leg raised and suspended in a sling. Check for normal corrugated appearance. Apply lubrication and insert hand into rectum, past wrist if possible. Note if the superficial anal reflex is present at first touch. Rotate hand so that palm rests against coccyx. Probe bowels with fingers.

Case Studies

I. anus inflamed – veins burst, pool of blood in sacs of skin – under pressure, finger-like projections engorged with blood extend from anus – whole area agitated – skin becomes over-stretched until projections ooze blood – (projections can reach upwards of 2’) – when fully engorged projections thrash about – walking difficult – sitting, wiping, even defecation nearly impossible – rectal mucous lines anus in globs – pungent odor – feces drips along dangling projections – chances of infection greatest during diarrhoeic stages – patient must lie prone on tables – ass in air – removal of anal tissue and surrounding areas necessary – leaves huge hole where shit can pass without control –

We are a society obsessed with constipation, with the retention and the free flow of feces. We have pills, ointments, creams, foods and drinks, which aid, retain or promote fecal regulation. We also have a wide range of instruments from enemas for soft blockages to carbide drill bits for hard. The resources at our disposal for fecal control run into the billions worldwide. We are taught from an early age the so-called benefits of control and we have all undergone the mental programming and resulting socialization of toilet training. Fecal control is inbred into our society – to its very core. I believe we must break this early programming before we can live truly liberated lives. In fact, I will routinely shit and piss wherever I am, whenever the urge arises – whether I am in a car, on the street, or in the operating theatre.

II.  mild waves of contraction are necessary for emulsification and absorption of bile – folds of mucosa secrete alkaline fluid – produces sweet floral odor – distention notable  – partially inhibits breathing – colon dilates – obstruction of blood flow can cause gangrene – organizing pus eventually becomes fibrous adhesions – hard fecal mass felt through abdomen – fecal plug loosened with sonic bombardment – in extreme cases a flexible carbide drill bit inserted in anus, snaked through colon and bowels – blood lines anus – anal muscles spasm – stronger waves of alternating contractions of circular fibers lead to the expulsion of feces from the body at tremendous force – knocking patient to the ground –

Constipation creates agitation, which in turn produces anal-retentive individuals. An angry, backward society is produced, one where the cult of rationalism flourishes. Also, chronic constipation increases the chance of rectal failure and is instrumental in the development of deformity. Care must be taken to examine the patient’s bowels and rectum as well as excretion history. In extreme cases, feces must be transferred to and passed through the sweat glands. These patients will usually have a slick mucous layer covering the body and exuding a pungent odor. Skin color ranges from mustard yellow to brown. Patients can develop carcinoma of the skin as well as of the lips and tongue.

III.  anal retentive patient – intense nerve distribution around the anus – dermatodes around anus arranged in twelve concentric rings – three is normal – these innervate directly to brain – tightening of anus will stimulate and irritate neural net – resulting in facial spasms, groaning and unanticipated cursing – self-mutilation may follow – spontaneous ejaculation can occur – any deviation from expectations, expected order will create tightening of sphincter – visual symptoms – tight face, agitated demeanor, chronic drooling, pathological obsession with order –

If we create the perfect asshole, we will have the perfect human [illegible] . . . implications for social order [illegible] . . . degenerates with unclean, deformed anuses [illegible] . . . program of mandatory anal corrective surgery [manuscript torn / section missing]  . . .


Michael Roth

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