… In year one of that century, however – nine months in, appropriately – an event occurred that shook that conviction to its core.

An unparalleled spectacle of violence was staged in 2001 in which a few thousand innocent civilians were again clearly SACRIFICED for the purpose of prolonging TIME – a ritual that was no less primitive, no less gruesome, and no less beyond the control of the populace than the sacrificial rites of the Maya. In the interest of global economics and the furthering of its geo-political agenda, the system of barter practiced by a ‘barbaric’ culture centuries ago was revealed to be as current and efficacious as ever.

The dramatic scope of the spectacle was designed to resonate with a Hollywood-indoctrinated audience, but its purpose and method were no different than they had ever been: symbolically placing innocent human beings at the highest vantage point and destroying them for all to see – then orchestrating the reaction of the survivors to further the agenda of the status quo. To make more TIME, that is, for CONTROL to control.

The World Trade Center Towers were the only buildings on the planet – or in the history of the planet, for that matter – to have been designed and arranged in such a configuration: large, stark, identical blocks, 120 stories high, standing side-by-side. If a number could be assigned to them, it would be 11 – a number that obviously corresponded to the date of their destruction and one that had earlier been capitalized on by New York City television station Channel 11 for its logo.

11 has numerological significance as the symbol of balance. It represents the two opposing elements of a cross in their harmonious aspect. It is noteworthy therefore, that one of the most extraordinary demonstrations of the human sense of balance was enacted between them: in 1974, high wire artist Philippe Petit crossed seven times from one to the other. The destruction of the site of this remarkable event perfectly describes the existential LOSS of balance that ensued.

The suddenness and scale of the violence and the planning and resources necessary to implement it evoked a sense of overwhelming powerlessness that was instant and unique to this generation. It brought into sharp relief the ruthlessness and efficiency of those that Control – against which there appears to be no recourse…

(The title OBSERVED WHILE FALLING does not refer to the WTC. 9/11 is mentioned in the context of the Maya and the human heart as the measure of TIME)

Observed While Falling


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