SENTENCE - Title With Image

In the beginning was the Word.

Then came the Sentence:


“The Defendant is found guilty of an undisclosed crime and is hereby sentenced to solitary confinement until such time as the Court sees fit.” 

“Term is imposed by the Court in absentia. There is no counsel for defense, no jury and no recourse to appeal. The Judge is the sole arbiter accountable to no one.” 

“Conditions of incarceration are subject to considerations undisclosed by the Court. Termination of sentence occurs without warning based on the same nondisclosure. Escape from these conditions is not possible; the Defendant is both prisoner and prison. Any involvement by the Judiciary beyond sentencing is redundant.” 

“Court is adjourned.”

And in the end, without warning, without exception, each and every one of us shall be pulled out through the bars of our confinement.


MALCOLM MC NEILL’s collection of essays, REFLUX was published in 2014 and is available on Amazon.

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